Prinicples of Sociology

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Rubric for the Principles of Sociology Project
Here is the rubric that everyone has been asking for. Each column is worth a potential ten points.
Principles Project Rubric.pdf
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Lecture 1: The Sociological Imagination

Assignment 1: Autobiography. Write an autobiography using the Sociological Imagination. You should focus on those factors that are of interest to sociology. Namely, analyze how external social forces like culture, institutions, economics, religion, etc, shaped who you are. Look at how larger historical forces such as technological advances and political movements changed opportunities for you. Has geography, nation, state, community, influenced you? What are some factors in your personal life that can be generalized to the larger population?  

Lecture 2: The Functionalist Perspective

Lecture 3: Socialization and Human Nature

Socialization Notes
This answers the question, do you have an essential nature?
Socialization Updated 09052017.pdf
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Lecture 4: The Conflict Perspective

Assignment 2: Find a contemporary news article. Summarize the article. Then analyze the article from a Functionalist Perspective. Analyze the article from a Conflict Perspective. Finally compare and contrast the approaches of the Functionalist and Conflict Perspectives as they relate to your article. You can complete this assignment using the linked form. Click Here.

Lecture 5: Social Stratification

Social Stratification Lecture Notes
Here are the lecture notes for the Social Stratification Lecture
Social STratification.pdf
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Lecture 6: Inequality

Here is the lecture for Inequality
Adobe Acrobat document [3.5 MB]

Lecture 7: The Interactionist Perspective

Lecture 7 Note
Are you free? and if so, how free?
Lecture 7 interactionism Are you Free.pd[...]
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Lecture 8: Culture

Lecture 9: Deviance

Lecture 10: Social Construction of Reality

Lecture 11: Intimacy, Sexuality and Marriage

Lecture 12: Power and Government

Lecture 13: Meeting Social Needs

Lecture 14: Modernims and Postmodernism

Lecture 15: Social Movements and Social Change

News and Notes

For Social Problems:


The Final Exam is now posted on the Andosciaville Page


Due Date

Thursday, December 7, 8:50 pm

For Principles of Sociology


Same deal. The Final Exam is posted on the Principles of Sociology Page. 


Due Dates

Tuesday/Thursday Class, the due date is Tuesday, December 5, 5:50 pm


Wednesday Class, The due date is Wednesday, December 6, 8:50 pm

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