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The Journal of a Mad Sociologist is a special project in which I demonstrate how the discipline of sociology, my personal studies translate into expressions of self. I am not just a sociologist. I am a subjective human being who happens to be practiced in sociology. So how has my sociological bent intermingled with other aspects of my self to shape who I am as a person? This website is designed to answer the "so what" of my field as it relates to my personal journey.
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Stone is not Forever is a work of fiction about an Italian immigrant at the turn of the century. Despite the fictional content, however, the book addresses universal issues of social justice, family, character and perseverance. It is a reminder that ours is a nation of immigrants, a society in which different cultures, in their struggle for acceptance, become an integral part of the American tapestry.
Join Herman Smiley as he is guided by God on a journey through time and space. From the cradle of all universes to the assemblage of amino acids that would eventually become man, Herman must learn what humanity has forgotten and understand that which binds us to the cosmos.
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The Final Exam is now up and can be found on the Principles of Sociology page, right at the top. 

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