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Beliefnet A really cool site for an overview of different religions. It also contains some pretty cool quizzes and self explorations
Contexts: A sociology magazine
Earth Footprint:What is your impact on the earth. Take this little quiz. A real eye opener. How honest is your candidate? What may the future hold
New American Dream Sociologists working toward environmental
Open Secrets: Campaign Finance
Politifact: Keep track of the honesty of your politicians.
Qualitative ReportFor those who are interested in qualitative research
Understanding Prejudice NEW How prejudiced are you. You might be surprised.
Who Owns What: Media Conglomeration
Who Rules America: A website by sociologist William Domhoff
Women Watch: A United Nations Web Site
The Meatrix Not a good site for meat lovers
Every Day Sociology  This is a really cool, down to earth site on sociology.
Website of The Andoscia Sociology Project

News and Notes

The Final Exam is now up and can be found on the Principles of Sociology page, right at the top. 

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