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Over the last few years I've had a number of students who were veterans returning from often intense and traumatic tours of duty. I also have a number of students who have bravely joined the ranks of the armed forces to serve their country. I've learned just how difficult it is for many of our returning vets to adapt to civilian life, especially when they've been in harm's way for a long time. This page is designed to provide contacts for services and relevant research to help vets re-socialize into so called "normal" life.
If you happen to have any contacts or know of any services that can be included in this site, please let me know. At this point most of my information is relevant to the Southwest Florida area, but since the internet is a global phenom I will be happy to post information from anywhere.

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The Yellow Ribbon Program: Offers a list of institutions that participate in this important program.
This is just a quick start. Please send any links that you have that may be of help to our veterans to the "professor" e-mail on the contact page. Thank you.
A great way to support vets, take their positions into account when you vote. Vets are the folks who doe the work of politicians, often deadly and dirty work. What do they have to say about the decisions being made which they will have to fulfill.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

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The Final Exam is now up and can be found on the Principles of Sociology page, right at the top. 

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